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Digital Media Label for Advertising Logo.  B-Scene Media Arkansas.


B Scene Media currently consists of two divisions, B Scene Indoor and POP TV NWA. B Scene Indoor has nearly 400 indoor billboards located in restaurants, clubs, fitness centers, and auto care facilities throughout NW Arkansas and the River Valley. POP TV NWA has 80 22” High Definition televisions at the pumps of the White Oak Stations throughout NWA.


So what’s the big deal about Captive Audience Advertising? First and foremost, it works! People consume media differently than they did just a few short years ago. Technology has changed the media landscape. Most people own a DVR and watch TV on their own schedule, often zipping through the commercials. There are now over a dozen ways to program your own commercial free radio station, listening only to the songs you prefer. Newspaper readership is in steep decline, most are getting their news online. Two things that haven’t changed, people still need to use the restroom, and they need to put fuel in their vehicles.


Today’s business environment is more competitive than ever. People still need to get their message out, and branding is crucial to selling goods and services. Captive audience messages are received more clearly, retained longer, and are more impactful because there are fewer distractions at the time of reception.

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